UNITED PHOTO PRESS 28 YEARS | Rules for Participation and Dissemination

EXHIBITION RULES – Setubal, Portugal from 3 to 31 August 2018

1 / ADMISSION OF ARTISTS AND WORKS - The participating artists must accept all the conditions of UNITED PHOTO PRESS stipulated below.
2 / ARTWORKS - Artists are invited to present their works of art, the theme is FREE. This can be showing his works of Photography - Painting - Sculpture - Graphic Design as well as Video Art. Before submitting the work of art a proposal of each work of art that will be submitted must be sent for evaluation prior to email: info @ unitedphotopress .net
3 / CONFIRMATION OF ENTRY - The registration of any participant will only be valid after receipt of the email confirmation provided by the previous one to the payment to the account of United Photo Press.
4 / FORMATS - Paintings: 100x100 cm. Max. Sculpture: 10 kg. Max. Photography, Graphic Design: 50x70 cm, resolution of 300 dpi, video 5min. Max.
5 / SENDING AND RETURN OF WORKS OF ART - (painting, sculpture, installations and video art) The works of art can be sending by the artists up two weeks before the opening ceremony, either by courier or by mail. The return of the art works can be done maximum up to one month after the end of the exhibition. This will always happen personally assisted by a member of UNITED PHOTO PRESS or a curator. UNITED PHOTO PRESS will not be responsible for the transportation of the companies contracted by UPP or by the artists themselves, for any other damage that may result in the shipment and transportation of the works of art. Visitors interested in the exhibition will be provided upon request with a telephone number and email address of the artists or their agents. Sales can be made, will be outside the responsibility of UNITED PHOTO PRESS, without receiving any benefit, or profit from sales. Works of art cannot be removed before the end of any exhibition.
6 / INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPATION CERTIFICATE - It is available to each participating artist, will receive an international certificate of participation by post for Europe, including in the payment of participation.
7 / FEE - The flat participation fee that artists must pay is to share the logistics costs of each international exhibition to act as members and guests of the UPP. The participation fee will be paid for 1 work or two (Live Exhibition) of each participant. It will publish the list of all participants, banners, outdoor, brochures, social networks, etc. The payment of the participation at SETÚBAL - PORTUGAL 2018, can be made until May 31, 2018 by bank transfer or WESTERN UNION.

• UPP Members 1 art work live € 50.00 / 2 art works live 80€ ( + 10 digital fotos + t-shirt)
• UPP Guests 1 art work live € 80.00 / 2 art works live 100€ ( + 5 digital fotos + t-shirt)

Become a UPP international member before the exhibition start and you will have discounts an UPP ecobag and a book "WORLD BLACK & WHITE + Painters".

UNITED PHOTO PRESS | IBAN: PT50 0035 0019 00004008930 81
Worldwide +351 9191 3535 5 (also by whats app)